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Pregnancy Symptoms

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Pregnancy symptoms is about to give you the sign wheter you’re pregnant or not. All pregnancies are different and, accordingly, the symptoms of pregnancy are not the same for all women. However, there are symptoms that are common to most women in parts of pregnancy. It is important to know and understand what happens to the parts of the pregnancy only because every symptom may be independent of pregnancy. Some women know the moment of conception that they are pregnant, some feel the changes coming over the early weeks of the first quarter, and others have no symptoms at all. Listed below are several symptoms of pregnancy the most reported.

Implantation bleeding:

An early sign may be just 6-12 days after conception. When the fertilized egg implants in the wall of the uterus, blood can be released, resulting in a low spot and possible restrictions.

Changes in menstruation:

A period late or missed is the most common that puts a woman a pregnancy examination. It is possible to bleed while you are pregnant, but the bleeding will be less than normal.

It is important to note that there are other reasons why a period can be late, such as fatigue, stress, weight changes, hormonal issues, breastfeeding, and adopting pills of birth control.

Changes within:

Another early sign that may begin in 1-2 weeks after you conceived is breasts tender or swollen. They may feel sore, swollen, or tender when touched. In addition, the areola, or surrounding skin your nipples may darken.

Other reasons you may have breast tenderness could be pills of birth control and hormonal issues, or your impending period. The hormonal imbalance may have caused the tarnishing of the areola.

Fatigue / I AM so tired! :

Feeling tired is something that a pregnant woman feels throughout her pregnancy and can start a week after conception.

Illness, stress, depression, and exhaustion can make you feel this way as well.

Morning sickness / nausea:

If you experience this symptom, it usually begins in the first weeks after conception. Some women do not experience this symptom, but others suffer from it for the entire pregnancy.

Stress, stomach problems and food poisoning could have caused this feeling as well.

Back pain:

Some women experience back pain to parts of pregnancy. This usually far in the second quarter and returns late in pregnancy when the baby’s weight affects his back. Many women have back pain mat by their entire pregnancy.

back issues of  Other, effort, or an imminent period can also cause back pain.


Early in pregnancy, the sudden surge of hormones in your body can cause headaches. Be sure to drink plenty of water and get enough rest.

the period  An imminent, dehydration, forced to look, the withdrawal of caffeine, and other problems can cause headaches.

Frequent urination:

You will visit the bathroom much more often starting at about 6 weeks after conception and this will happen again as you near the end of your pregnancy, as well.

Drinking too much liquid, taking a diuretic, with diabetes, or having a urinary tract infection can also cause this problem.

Food cravings:

Many women implore a specific food during pregnancy, while others implore anything sweet, salty, or sometimes strange. Odors normal may turn your stomach and make you not want to eat those things you normally love.

Stress the poor follow a diet, lack of certain foods, period imminent, or depression may be another explanation for this.

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